Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Eversor Challenge

Pig of Sparta, a fellow member of the International Brotherhood of Hobbyists and poster on the Bolter and Chainsword forum, and myself came up with the outline plan of a little challenge way back in the mists of time (well, over a year ago at any rate...).

This challenge was to paint up an Eversor assassin to show what we could both achieve with similar base models.

Finally this is beginning to take form...

First up, here is the base assassin I am using:

He'd been lying around in suspended animation in my bits box since he was first released, so he's a little eager to get out the blocks now!

I pictured a diorama in my head, but needed a victim.  The obvious choice was to use a Dark Eldar Wych of which I have a good few lying around - but the head in no way shape or form is Dark Eldar.  So there was only one solution:

1) Started with a Dark Eldar Wych head that had a pony tail and removed the pony tail.  This would give me something for the assassin to appear to be holding as there is hair already in his hand.

2) This is the original head in the hands of the assassin.  It needed removing.

3) Head removed, along with a few strands from behind it.

4) Wych head glued into place.  You can see in the second photo where a few extra bits of carving away hair were needed to make it fit under the arm of the assassin.  This was then filled and new hair sculpted with green stuff.

5) A head requires a body.  After raiding the Dark Eldar bits, I mainly used parts from the riders of the Venom.  The bent knees were ideal for a dropped body.  The two legs are not a matched pair, and meant to have a raised thigh, so as you see there was a gap at the front and back.  This was then filled and sculpted over with green stuff, with more detail, such as a sash or similar, to be added on later.

6)  The rough mock up for the diorama.  The GW ruins are ideal for this kind of thing and with a little thought, raising the floor provided the perfect height for the assassin to have struck his victims head from her neck......

Much more to go on this, but its a start.


So thought it was time to start getting some min's on a mini painting and conversion blog....

First up, is the start of a simple demo piece.  A standard tactical marine to be done in blood angels colours. This, as all squad level models, will be finished up to a high table top standard.

So far this little guy has had a black undercoat, touch up, base of mechrite red and then 2 washes down with devlan mud to give a rich red-brown starting colour to work up from.

Friday, 5 October 2012

And so it begins........

Thought it was about time the old commission mill started work again.  Been a while since i've done private work though, having 3 kids put a bit of a dampener on time!!

The advances since the Dark Age of Technology mean I can now attempt something like this.....

I'm generally very modest when it comes to painting standards - i'd describe my work as high gaming standard, although i've been told it's better than that and have won several local GW painting competitions in the past.  While a GW employee many a while ago, much of the individual miniatures in the Aberdeen store were my work.

Miniature wise, I'll paint anything you need done - though I will confess to an immense displeasure in doing Imperial Fists... but don't we all!!

As for my portfolio... Unfortunately most of my old pics were lost when our old laptop got milk poured over it by one of the kids, so it's going to be a long process building that up again.
For that reason, I may be looking for a couple of volunteers in the near future...