Sunday, 4 November 2012

Blood Angel Completed

This is the completed Blood Angel demo piece.

First stage after the previous pics was to highlight up from the mechrite red base, through scab red and up to blood red.  After this the marine was give a wash of Baal Red.

Next stage was to re-highlight with blood red, then add a few spot edge highlights with a little orange in the mix.  This was followed by going over the detail areas in black before painting up the details.  Some thinned badab black was also added to some of the armour lines to give a little more definition.

Finally the model was given a l;ittle bit of battle damage and chipping around the lower legs and then based up using the good old scorched brown/bleached bone/grass top and calthan brown edge.

SO that's him all done and ready to head off to his new home.  He looks rather shiny in this pic, but I blame the halogen spots in the room.  Sooner that light box get sorted the better!!

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