Monday, 18 April 2016

Papa Loco

Papa Loco – as the man’s name suggests is the unhinged father and former head of the Ortega family. Whatever caused this loss of sanity, it is rarely spoken about and Papa seems incurable of his affliction. He spent considerable time in an asylum, but to no avail – perhaps he had one too many encounters with the Neverborn his family hunt for the Guild, or learned some unspeakable truth about the realm of Malifaux. None of this has dissuaded the old man from taking to the field of battle with his family – although exactly whether he is dangerous to his enemies or his friends is debateable.  His favoured weapon is homemade high explosive, which he freely hands out and throws with wild abandon.

Again, I tried to stay fairly true to the box art for Papa. Trying to get the half undone straight jacket to paint well was tricky. The off white colour of old soiled canvas was a challenge to get enough definition on. The stains and discoloured patches were done with layers of very very thin colour glazes – advice I got after speaking to Steve Cornish (aka The Goldfish of Justice) having seen the Wolverine/Logan mini he had been working on as well.

The face really painted itself. I know, it sounds like a cliché, but Wyrd have managed to pack so much character into it, it became a dream to do. That and the fact that using images of Eli Wallach made things easier too!

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Perdita Ortega

Perdita is a Guild Master. Heading up the Ortega family after her father went mad (the unsurprisingly named Papa Loco) and her eldest brother declined the position in her favour, Perdita is Mistress of the Gunslingers.
The Ortegas have there Stronghold outside the city of Malifaux, sitting on the edges of The Badlands. The family are specialists in hunting the Nephilim and have earned a reputation as sharp shooters and gunslingers. Perdita is feared for her lethality with her Peacebringer pistol - a weapon she has mastered to the extent that she is just as deadly using her customised gun in point blank close combat as she is at range.
Her reputation with a gun is only matched by the reputation she has for her beauty.

This is my take on Perdita. I tried to base her on the box art, plus a few images I had come across online.

I've taken a series of pictures of the stages of painting her. However the quality isn't great now I've seen them on the bigger screen. I had taken them on my iPhone, and they looked fine on the small screen. However on the bigger screen they are not entirely in focus..... Oh well.....



Next up - former head of the Family, and now certifiable nut job - Papa Loco!











Saturday, 16 April 2016

Malifaux - Tale of Many Bloggers

So at our gaming club, we have been challenged to some further adventures in Malifaux.
This has resulted in around 12 of us looking to either get our crews painted and on the table, or to pick up and develop a new crew.

The idea is fairly simple. There's a £40 budget for month one (includes the end of April as well as all of May), and £15 a month for each month thereafter until the end of September. Unused budget is allowed to roll forward to the following month. Freebies from various offers can also be included, for example, via the monthly promotions on Wyrd miniatures webstore.

Purchases will be via our local hobby stockist ABZ Games who provide an excellent range and service as well as a discount on our shiny Malifaux goodies.

As I have been playing Malifaux for some time (nearly a year and a half) and have yet to actually get anywhere with my crew, I am taking this opportunity to actually get the little blighters done and on the table in fully painted glory.

I chose the Guild after perusing the shiny stuff that ABZ had to offer - I liked the idea of an organisation trying to exert absolute control over the region, while facing attack and resistance from within and without.  In particular I was attracted to the Wild West feel of the Latigo Posse and the idea of a family of embittered enforcers holding the fringes of the Malifaux territories. The Guild have a lot of shiny toys, and depending on how I break down the spend, a second Master and Crew box might come in handy.

So, month one is a £40 budget and I'm going to start with:

The Latigo Posse - Pereira's crew (£25.50)

Death Marshals -  (£13.60)

For a total of £39.10, leaving me a whopping 90p to carry on to next month's budget.

At this point I may cheat a little and sub out some of the minis. I have in my to do pile the rather nice alternate sculpts for some of the characters.  I have Santana (alternate Santiago), the alternate Francisco and Miss Terious, and alternate Death Marshal.  I have seen a few examples of Santiago and Santana mounted on a single base, fighting back-to-back, which is an idea I may use as they count as the same unique model, it is only possible to use one at a time anyway.

June's spend is likely to be on some Austringer's or possibly the Latigo Pistoleros if they are out by then. Another alternative may be a Peacekeeper to help back up the Latigos shootiness with some close combat punch.

So there we have it.
The first blog post on here in some time, and it's an attempt to get me back into the swing of painting stuff.

Next post should be about the progress in the ToMB. Fingers crossed it doesn't take me for ever to get it done.......

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Kharn The Bloody

Kharn the Bloody. Battle Captain of the 8th Company, Legio XII – The World Eaters.

Finished this bad boy. Really liked working with this kit and I hope Lestat is pleases with the way he’s turned out too.

Got to try a few new things, practice working with white armour, and found out that Dullcoat dulls EVERYTHING! Including the super-glossy Blood For The Blood God.  Oh well. Live and learn.

Anyway, enough preamble. As always, please feel free to leave some constructive criticism.