Monday, 18 April 2016

Papa Loco

Papa Loco – as the man’s name suggests is the unhinged father and former head of the Ortega family. Whatever caused this loss of sanity, it is rarely spoken about and Papa seems incurable of his affliction. He spent considerable time in an asylum, but to no avail – perhaps he had one too many encounters with the Neverborn his family hunt for the Guild, or learned some unspeakable truth about the realm of Malifaux. None of this has dissuaded the old man from taking to the field of battle with his family – although exactly whether he is dangerous to his enemies or his friends is debateable.  His favoured weapon is homemade high explosive, which he freely hands out and throws with wild abandon.

Again, I tried to stay fairly true to the box art for Papa. Trying to get the half undone straight jacket to paint well was tricky. The off white colour of old soiled canvas was a challenge to get enough definition on. The stains and discoloured patches were done with layers of very very thin colour glazes – advice I got after speaking to Steve Cornish (aka The Goldfish of Justice) having seen the Wolverine/Logan mini he had been working on as well.

The face really painted itself. I know, it sounds like a cliché, but Wyrd have managed to pack so much character into it, it became a dream to do. That and the fact that using images of Eli Wallach made things easier too!

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