Sunday, 17 April 2016

Perdita Ortega

Perdita is a Guild Master. Heading up the Ortega family after her father went mad (the unsurprisingly named Papa Loco) and her eldest brother declined the position in her favour, Perdita is Mistress of the Gunslingers.
The Ortegas have there Stronghold outside the city of Malifaux, sitting on the edges of The Badlands. The family are specialists in hunting the Nephilim and have earned a reputation as sharp shooters and gunslingers. Perdita is feared for her lethality with her Peacebringer pistol - a weapon she has mastered to the extent that she is just as deadly using her customised gun in point blank close combat as she is at range.
Her reputation with a gun is only matched by the reputation she has for her beauty.

This is my take on Perdita. I tried to base her on the box art, plus a few images I had come across online.

I've taken a series of pictures of the stages of painting her. However the quality isn't great now I've seen them on the bigger screen. I had taken them on my iPhone, and they looked fine on the small screen. However on the bigger screen they are not entirely in focus..... Oh well.....



Next up - former head of the Family, and now certifiable nut job - Papa Loco!











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